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What we've accomplished in 2017

Winter Report (December, January, February)

★  UKRAINIAN FUNDRAISER. I started a fundraiser under For Animals Inc. to raise funds for Ukrainian kitten – Kropik - who was badly injured in military zone in Eastern Ukraine.

Raised funds went to:

  • Kropik’s vet bill
  • Caretakers of street cats and dogs + our mini-shelter of 9 rescue cats in  Ukraine. Money were used to buy: Wet food – 100 pouches + 8 large cans;  Dry food – 60kg; Cat litter – 40kg; Canned food– total 2,5 kg; Pasta – 1,5kg; Grains – 10kg.
  • Black kitten with eye problem in Kiev, Ukraine
  • Sirius animal shelter in Kiev, Ukraine
  • Gorlovka shelter, Ukraine
  • Shelter/ farm sanctuary for rescue farm animals “Ugolyok”, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Animal shelter SOS, Kiev, Ukraine 
  • Happy Paw animal shelter, Kiev, Ukraine
  • TNR trap

★ KITTEN SEARCH. One nice winter day I went to check the mail and saw a piece of paper hanging on the wall. It said that the kitten was lost and the mom is looking for him. I had a really crazy schedule due to holidays but nevertheless she texted the person and offered help. Nothing’s more important than a lost kitten! She was walking around the neighborhood searching for a kitten for about 2 hours. No luck. She came back to the house where the kitten lived and asked the lady to look inside the apartment once again – everywhere, every tiny corner. Nothing.  She didn’t know what else to do. They decided to leave smelly food outside and a litter box, so the kitten will have a chance to find a way back thanks to familiar smells. When I went back to bring some smelly tuna, her phone ringed. It was a message. Message from the “kitten” lady. And it was just this: “He’s HERE!!!!”. OMG! I rushed back to the lady’s house to see that the kitten is alright, a bit scared but alright. Turned out he was INSIDE the house all this time. The lady just didn’t see him since he was hiding in the laundry room.  Arg! It is a rescue kitten btw. Black rescue kitten. Yes, as cute as you can imagine in your sweetest dreams ❤ Oh well, back to work now. Love happy endings ❤

★ VOLUNTEERING on XMAS. What did you do on Christmas morning? We woke up at 6.45am to do our Christmas volunteer shift. We had lots of fun - cleaned cat boxes and some *oopsie* mess; gave water, food, love-hugs-kisses to rescue kitties from T.E.A.R.S. rescue group. Nothing is better than making animals happy (and clean). Some babies were very surprised we’re there, as you can see from the pic =D We hope they all find their amazing loving homes soon! Spread the kindness, help animals and share all you have with those who need it ❤ Merry Christmas!

★ RESCUING RATS. This is a sad story and I tell you right away we couldn’t save those baby rats =( There was a message from a person that maintenance team were doing repairs in a building and they found baby rats without mom inside one of the apartments. We were trying to find a wildlife rescue willing to take the babies. We did find them, everything was organized and the person ready to go pick up the baby-rats. It took us less than 12 hours! In the morning we received a message from the same person, saying that even though maintenance people were very well informed that the rescue team is coming like RIGHT NOW, they still decided to get rid of those innocent creatures. *angry sigh*. Hope the next life will be better for those babies ❤

★GARBAGE CLEANING. We did some cleaning at Kellarney lake and lake Maitland.

★ CRAB RESCUE. Again not a very successful rescue… One of our vegan Facebook friends found a hermit crab by the dumpster =( We stepped in to help. After contacting wildlife and marine specialists, we came to a decision to find a natural habitat that fits him the most and release him in the wild. As marine biologist recommended, it needed to be brackish water, where salt meets fresh. We found just a spot for him near Cocoa beach, in a Manatee Sanctuary Park. We agreed to pick him up and go there in the morning. He was still fine, the girl was giving him food and water and he seemed okay. Morning came. We start getting ready then we receive a message that the crab didn’t make it. =( This was very bitter because he needed just a few more hours!!! We don’t know how long exactly he was laying by the dumpster, it was probably too long for him to stay strong. We hope his next life would be better ❤

★ TOYS for KITTIES at CAT CAFÉ. We finally had our dream come true! On my birthday, we went to Orlando Cat Café and showered the kitties with our love, and some cat toys °‿° This cat café is wonderful: kitties look great which means they get a very good care. Noone is bugging them, they freely do what they want while being so irresistibly cute! Thanks to this place, a lot of rescued kitties have a chance to find their forever homes! Thank you so much to Animal League and Orlando Cat Café for taking care of all these feline babies  ❤ 

★ We renewed scratching posts and got cat litter and food for cats in our mini-shelter + we bought more supplies to caretakers of homeless cats and dogs in our neighborhood. Total for caretakers:

  • Dry cat food – 5kg
  • Grains – 12kg
  • Canned food– 10 cans
  • Wet cat food – 30 packs

★ BLANKET and TOYS for KITTY SCARLET. She is a kitty who was relinquished by her family after spending 8 years with them. Together with For Animals Inc. we have been trying really hard to find her a foster home for her. And we did find a wonderful woman who took Kitty in! After a couple of days in her foster home, it turned out that Kitty has a heart failure =( Her heart was broken and her body responded accordingly… We really wanted to do something nice for her, so she would know she’s loved and she’s not alone… so we sent her these gifts and we hope she’ll like them ❤ Please, never ever give up your animal companions!! There are always ways to find solutions for any situation. They ARE family, and family means no one gets left behind.

 Kitty Scarlet ❤

★ TOYS for FOR ANIMALS CAT SHELTER – We sent 15 of our catnip toys and 1 big cat tunnel to our dear friends at For Animals cat shelter! The tunnel is a special gift for JunkYard Mom, since her old one is broken and she loves tunnels so much!!

★ TOYS for PHOTO CONTEST. We happily donated some of our cat toys as a prize to the winner of For Animals Inc. Photo Contest “Think Inside the Box”.  ❤

Happy winner(s) of the contest! ^_^

★ We supported Tuk Tuk and Chintu fundraiser. They are two rescued Nepali dogs, you can read their story here.

★ We supported Project Petsnip‘s mini fundraiser for dogs in Culebra, read the full story here  and here.

Spring Report (March, April, May)

I spent most of my springtime in Ukraine, visiting my family and our mini-shelter (we have 9 rescued kitties and a dog), as well as working on For Animals Inc. Ukraine Project (full report on Ukraine Project is here).

So here’s what I accomplished during these 3 months:

★ We made lots of toys and blankets for our mini-shelter. ❤ We also bought a dog bed and a circle cat toy with scratching pads. There are some stress issues between our two kitties Nicole and Julietta (they don’t seem to tolerate each other well, which causes a lot of fights =/), so we bought 3 Sentry cat collars and a Thunder shirt. We also brought a digital thermometer.

★ We also made 7 cat toys for cats in Happy Paw shelter.

★ We brought a Sentry Natural Defense Spray for our fellow cat rescuer in Mariupol – she said this one really helps with ticks and fleas.

★ Since last year we’ve been trying to get rid of ear mites, and it would just go back in circles if at least one animal is still infected… so we had to start all over again. We got tick/flea/ringworm/ear mite spot-on treatment for all of the 10 animals we have, and washed the whole apartment with special disinfecting solution – it all was done 3 times!! Hopefully ear mites are not going to come back!!

★ We had quite a few vet visits: Fergi was spayed and had hernia removal surgery, and Rosetta started developing endocrine alopecia hence needed some meds, as well as special food for spayed females to keep her hormones in balance.

★ We got around 60kg of dry food, cat food pouches + canned food, sausages + around 120kg of cat litter. The food is split between animals under our care as well as homeless animals – we always carry a bunch of pouches of cat food and feed all animals we meet.

★ We needed to buy a special multi-use dog pad for our dog Tinky, since she sometimes pees inside the house =/ The pad is rather huge and can be washed up to 300 times!

★ We bought 12 packs of biodegradable bags (35bags/ bag). 3 packs went to T.E.A.R.S. adoption center at Petco; 5 went to For Animals Inc.; and we left 4 for our mini-shelter in Ukraine.

★ We were seeing a lot of homeless animals in Ukraine =( I would always feed them and try to find out if they have any caretakers, if they were fixed etc. Most of them are fixed, incredible!! There is a strong TNR team in a city where I live so they take care of most of the cats, and often dogs (dogs are harder though…). I was also helping to feed a few cat colonies myself when I was there. They do have regular caretakers though, so even now that I’m back in US they have food and water, and my mom feeds them as often as she can.

★ As a For Animals volunteer, I was also on a special mission to help animals in Ukraine. We called it Ukraine Project °‿°

 Summer Report (June, July, August)

Back in the USA! This is what we’ve accomplished during summer months:

 ★ We donated money to our friends at Coming Home Animal Sanctuary. They are a home to many rescued farm animals and cats; it is run by our friend and a wonderful person Laura. Please visit their website to learn more about wonderful work they do! ❤

★ We donated money to Dewey’s fundraiser.

★ For our mini shelter and for Ukrainian homeless animals, our mom was able to get the following: 40 large jars of cat and dog food; 144 + 116 = 260 pouches of cat food for homeless animals; 26 packs of sausages; 7kg of dry cat food for sensitive stomach; dry dog food – 1kg; dog cookies; 9 kg of cat litter. (Some of these can be seen on photos, but not everything since my mom doesn’t have a camera. And sorry for quality of photos, taken from Skype =D)

★ As a part of Ukraine Project, For Animals, Inc. and us sent money over to Ukraine to help pay the vet/ boarding bill for Jasmine the cat, and to pay for a special needs foster care for Alice the dog. The super awesome news is that Jasmine got adopted by a family who were visiting her at the vet for about a month!!! ^_^ And Alice started to walk in her foster care, after intensive care and physical therapy, and of course, because of much LOVE ❤

★ We donated 2 anti flea collars and 7 spot-ons to our friend who’s rescuing many kitties in our city and does a lot of TNR.

★ We printed 10 anti-declawing leaflets and left them at Petco Adoption Center where I volunteer. If you want to print and distribute these leaflets, please go to the Paw Project.

★ We donated money to animals affected by flood in Nepal who were under care of Sneha’s Care. Please visit their facebook page and follow their wonderful work!

★ After/ during hurricane Harvey, we donated money to 2 amazing organizations - Dallas DogRRR and Austin Pets Alive - that were going far and beyond to rescue/ save/ bring back to health animals affected by the hurricane. Please like their facebook pages to see how you can help - Dallas DogRRR  and Austin Pets Alive 

Autumn Report (September, October, November)

Autumn was full of everything! We did a lot, survived a hurricane and met so many wonderful animals!

★ We sent moneys to our mini-shelter (The Fluffy Crew) and neighborhood caretakers in Ukraine. My mom was able to get these:

For our mini-shelter and homeless animals that she’s feeding:

Josera Dry Food for cats – 20kg

4 Paws Dry Cat Food – 30 kg

Dry Cat Food (other) – 8 kg

Dry Dog Food – 4 kg

Dog Treats

Wet Cat Food (large cans) – 86

Cat litter – 159 kg

Sausage – 11

Fish – 5 kg

For caretakers:

Cat Dry Food – 16 kg

Wet Cat Food – 16 pouches

Sausage – 2

Wet Cat Food (large cans) – 8

Grains – 6 kg

(Sorry again for quality of the pics, my mom doesn’t have a good camera and she shows me everything via skype =D)

★ Right before Hurricane Irma we sent a donation to Be Kind To Strays (Orlando, FL). They urgently needed funds to make shelters for cats to keep them safe during hurricane and to stock up on food. You can read more here. If you wish to help them, please visit their fundraiser.

★ Before Hurricane Irma we responded to a plea of a cat caretaker who needed help trapping 2 cats and their kittens to make sure they’re safe during the storm. We did manage to trap 2 kittens, and mom cats were ok to just go inside this lady’s house. We showed her how to use humane traps and to lure them into her garage if they wouldn’t go in traps. Kitties were definitely more alarmed and scared when we were there since we’re strangers. We felt she’ll have better luck working with them one on one since she’s their “food lady” and they trust her =D I was beating myself up because we couldn’t catch the other kittens, and those were very long two days… Until the day after the hurricane the lady texted me that everyone is alive and ok! °‿° We were SO relieved!

Notes for future – trapping feral cats and their kittens definitely needs more than one day!

★ After the hurricane: We went to check on any injured wildlife in the morning and also in the afternoon. Surprisingly, we didn’t find anybody! Sooo, either 1- no one got hurt (pray for that one!); 2- wildlife rescues already checked the area before us and took all animals in need to rehab centers. Either way, everyone is safe. ❤

★ A week after Hurricane Irma I finally got a chance to travel to NYC to spend some time/ volunteer at For Animals, Inc. shelter! ❤ We did a lot! Me and Theresa (our great friend and a founder of For Animals) transported little kitten to his new furever home ❤

We also took two semi-feral kitties to their future home where they would be able to live in a yard of a very talented architect! I bet they’ll be his great inspiration! °‿°

I brought 21 toys to For Animals kitties + Hypoallergenic wet wipes + some Greenies treats.

I did a lot of grooming, brushing, ear cleaning, and honestly that’s one of the things that makes me really happy. Just going to the catio in early morning with a cup of hot yerba mate, talking to kitties, wishing them good morning… this is like a dream life! Cat shelter is a lot of work, too. But benefits are hard to measure (for both you and the animals).

This is how kitties meet you in the morning!

Beautiful catio with beautiful kitties!

★ Me and Solstice finally made it to See Winter the Dolphin! °‿° This was like a long-time dream that came true! Clearwater Marine Aquarium in my opinion is the only place that seems to really care for marine wildlife (amongst the ones I know and have visited). Even though pools are a bit small, I felt the stuff and volunteers really put their hearts into their rescues, and I’ve been told the new bigger pools are coming! Soon I hope. All these beautiful creatures went through so much and deserve a really good life. If you live in FL or travel around Tampa area, make sure to visit Winter, Hope, Cooper, Walle, Rufus and other wonderful animals! ❤

★ On our way back from CMA (Clearwater Marine Aquarium) we visited wonderful kitties at the Cat Depot! This place is simply AMAZING! There are few rooms and each one is decorated with tons of soft beds, toys and cat trees all designed in specific colors! So everything looks VERY stylish! All kitty rooms have TV screens showing underwater world, and a screened catio where kitties can chill and hang out and enjoy sunshine! Cat Depot even has a little cat library, and you’re encouraged to read books to kitties! How cute is that? °‿° We brought them some toys, food, shampoo and a few other things from their wish list. It was a wonderful experience. We hope all the kitties will find their loving families!

Things we donated to the Cat Depot

★ In October, Solstice and I finally visited Save The Chimps Sanctuary! It was truly a great experience to meet all these wonderful animals with such different personalities, who were rescued from bad situations (labs, show biz industry, pet trade, zoos and circuses) and now roaming free and enjoying their life and family/ friendship bonds. We brought them some food that we hope they enjoyed! ❤

It’s another reminder that animals are not ours and should not be used for entertainment or experiments. They have a life of their own, just like each one of us. We need to respect that! Please don’t support zoos, circuses and don’t buy postcards and other printed materials with animals wearing clothes/ make-up. Behind all these things there are years of slavery and torture. Animals belong to themselves, and they belong in the wild.

All they need from us is a CHANCE! Please be nice to ALL animals!

★ We donated money to our friend’s fundraiser for help her town in Puerto Rico after another destructive Hurricane Maria. 

★ We sent money to Sasha the cat. She is a kitty that was TNR-ed just before the hurricane and she ended up having a prolapsed rectum. The surgery to help her was around $1000! We had to help! Her full story is here.

★ We donated money to sweet Ashley the FeLV+ kitty whose only hope for a happy life was to raise enough money and to be transported to Aslan’s Cat Sanctuary for special needs cats. For Animals raised almost all of the needed funds, but unfortunately, Ashley didn’t make it because during her spay surgery they found a bleeding mass =( We all were devastated… =( At least she was loved by so many  ❤ Run free, sweet Ashley baby ❤

★ We send moneys to Maggie, another kitty who needed help with rectal prolapse. Maggie successfully recovered from her big surgery and is now available for adoption!  

★ In November, we were on a rescue mission. This baby, Ginger, needed to be transported to a new foster home, otherwise he’d be released back outside =( We couldn’t let this happen! Every kitty deserves a chance to have a warm sweet home! ❤ Late night, Ginger was successfully delivered to his foster family, and we also donated some of our food for him. We hope you’ll find the home of your dreams, little sweetie pie! ❤ Big thanks to Ginger’s rescuer and foster family, too!

Ginger and his food :)

★ We donated 4 cat toys to wonderful kitties who will be available for adoption in the Cat Lounge at POP cats convention!

Photo by Carina Mask of Miami New Times

★ As always, I’ve been volunteering at Petco Altamonte with a local rescue, and also been doing remote volunteering for For Animals, Inc.

Me and Opie ❤

★ We donated a cat pillow and a blanket for Sylvester, the kitty who arrived to For Animals shelter from Nepal! He is an all black kitten with injured/ paralyzed hind legs =( He is a part of For Animals’ Nepal Project, and we are hoping he can be fixed here in US (there was zero chance for recovery in Nepal for this sweet baby). Sylvester flew for more than 25hours, and honestly we think he’s a little hero, and we love him very much already! ❤ So we made him a blanket with a pillow, and the rest of the toys are for other sweet foster kitties ❤ We should never give up on animals! Please follow Sylvester’s journey on his Instagram page and please donate to his fundraiser, if you can!

Sylvester in his diaper :)

★ Finally, in the very end of November, on a local art market event where we participated with Want More Meows, we met this cuddlebean – Leslie Knope! She looked very skinny and had rotten teeth, but no doubts - she is the sweetest kitty ever! Seriously, we’re in LOVE ❤ We were talking to all quests trying to find her a foster home, and the next day after event she was kindly taken by Pet Alliance who agreed to check her health and make sure she’s healthy to be adopted. So now she is safe and going though some treatment, and we’ve been told she already has an adoption application (yaaaay! =) ) Please consider donating to Pet Alliance to cover her treatment/ vaccination/ spay and dental expenses. This will help her and so many other cats and dogs in need ❤

Leslie Knope :)


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