What we’ve accomplished in 2015!

January and February

were kinda slow months for us =/ But we managed to do some good things.

We’ve learned that some so called ‘rescue organizations’ were collecting money for animals but keeping it all to themselves. Finding out this horrible truth was devastating =( We’re sure there are organizations and people like that everywhere, making it harder for us to help those in need. But honestly, it IS HARD to trust anybody…  So since now, we’ll only be helping those who we know in person. Unless organizations will prove us wrong.

So, back to action.

★  We donated two Rocky Sebastians to April’s Auction for Animals to help Thyme. Thank you April for organizing it!!

★  Me, Piggy Poe and Solstice attended 4 circus protests in Jacksonville and bought a bag of food (Purina Cat Show Naturals) for kitties we feed outside.  

★  We bought some vegan and animal rights leaflets/ guides to hand out on markets. We plan to set up a vegan/green/animal rights table next to our booth at the market, so those who are interested can pick up some very useful literature.

We look forward for next month, hopefully it’ll be much better!


★  We started out with a beautiful cause - ‘Music for Meows Benefit Concert and Art Auction’. Nice music and art mixed with animal rescuers means a nice evening in a good company! We raised $43 for the cause which could be better if we had more people attending. Oh well, at least it’s something. March is not over yet.

Me, Tiny Plush Chucks and catnip cat toys at Music for Meows

★  We supported For Animals Inc. fundraiser for Fluffy.

★  Me and Tiny Plush Chuck cleaned the retention pond aka ‘our river’. Well what can we say… People, don’t litter!!! Protect and preserve nature, reuse and recycle what you can, and leave your trash in designated areas! GO GREEN! \m/


Tiny Plush Chuck with bags of trash


★  Me and Tiny Plush Chuck joined other animal activists to protest greyhound racing in Jacksonville, FL. Please don’t support any kind of entertainment where animals are involved. Always remember - you’re having fun, but THEY DON’T!

Speaking up for greyhounds

★  I attended ‘Fundraising 101 for nonprofits’ webinar hosted by CompassionWorks International leader Carrie LeBlanc. Our payment for the webinar was a donation, which serves 2 great causes - helping a wonderful animal rights organization and learning more about how to help animals °‿°

★  We donated 8 handmade catnip cat toys to 2 cat rescues: For Animals Inc. in NYC and Ana’s Angels in Jacksonville °‿°

★  Me and Tiny Plush Chuck cleaned the river (retention pond) by our house. No photos were taken (I didn’t have my phone with me)


★  Me, Solstice and Piggy Poe went to a wonderful trip to meet and help some rescued animals! Our first stop was CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm (Florida), where we volunteered to help cleaning and interacting with unbelievably beautiful animals. We learnt that piggies are pretty stubborn (and heavy) and it’s not very easy to move them even if they stand on your feet; we learnt that baby cows don’t like apples unlike their mothers; we learnt that cats, dogs, chickens, turkeys and horses can live very peacefully and respectfully together; we learnt that ducks like to take a bath in the morning; we found out that turkeys have a passion for white shoes and that goats and sheep LOVES salty crackers °‿° If you want to meet all those wonderful animals who were rescued by a wonderful person named Lee, you gotta go to CJ Acres, please check volunteer calendar on their website. Next, we went to Rooterville Animal Sanctuary (Florida as well) where we met more of the amazing animals, including two dachshunds. We learnt that some ducks like to chase dogs; that some animals (like pigs) perfectly know their names and will come to you if you call them; we learnt that all piggies have absolutely different ‘faces’ and they all are SO CUTE! To both places we brought some tasty gifts for animals which they gladly ate, and we donated some money to Rooterville (it was our payment for a little ‘tour’). If you want to visit Rooterville, please go to their website and schedule a tour. Both places are VEGAN and they rescue farm animals ❤

One bag with this stuff went to CJ Acres and another one to Rooterville!

Us and our friends from CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm

★  I attended two more webinars hosted by CompassionWorks International leader Carrie LeBlanc:‘Nonprofit management’ and ‘Writing grants’. Helping animal rights organization and learning how to help animals 2in 1 °‿°

★  We donated 3 catnip toys to Calgary Humane Society in Canada.  


★  Me, Solstice and Chuck cleaned our retention pond. No photos again, we were without our phones =/

★  I don’t think I posted this, but me and Rocky Sebastian are volunteering in Ana’s Angels Animal Rescue in Jacksonville. It’s been like 6-8 months now, but we finally took some photos to share with you °‿° If you live in Jacksonville, FL and look for an animal companion, please visit Petco at San Jose blvd - every Saturday and Sunday, Ana’s Angels have dog and cat adoption events there.

Anita and Sebastian hanging out on my lap while I’m brushing Anita She is LOVE, and available for adoption by the way!


★  Me, Solstice and Rocky Sebastian went to feed a cat colony in one of Jax parks. The colony has caretakers who bring them food and fresh water and also do TNR. But we wanted to help out a bit and brought them a bag of cat food. Kitties looked happy and grateful °‿°

Kitty from a cat colony is enjoying the food we brought °‿°

★  We have a very sweet duck family who live here by the pond. Once in a while we feed them with green peas, corn and steamed rice. They LOVE peas! We try not to feed them too often since we don’t want them to rely on humans for food because it messes up with their instincts.

The duck family! Ducklings grew up so much!

★  Me, Solstice and Tiny Plush Chuck cleaned the retention pond two times this month. Thanks to heavy rains the pond finally looks full of water and life °‿° (you can compare the condition of water and the pond on photos 1 and 2)

Garbage from the pond

★  We donated to Cory’s fundraiser to cover his bill for leg amputation.

We also donated to a fundraiser to a help relocate 9 feral kitties to a cat sanctuary.

★  Me and Proud Vegan Piggy Poe went on a greyhound race protest to speak up for these amazing creatures. We all hope for a day when all animals are treated with respect!


★  We donated a bag of cans from catfood to a craft project called Campaigner Containers .They make beautiful things out of empty cans and donate part of the profits to animal rescues in Jacksonville. How wonderful is that? Recycling and giving a second life to old cans and helping animals in need! We ❤ that!


★   We spayed two kitties in Mariupol, Ukraine as a part of TNR project.

★  Me, Solstice and Tiny Plush Chuck did a LOT of cleaning this month. We cleaned retention pond by where we live 3 times (about 5 full bags of garbage were collected and recycled/disposed of). Also we cleaned up the garbage on the side of the road (7 bags with recycles and 3 bags with regular garbage). Mother Nature now looks a bit happier and cleaner =) DON’T LITTER, people!!!

Recycles we picked up while cleaning the side of the road

Tiny Plush Chuck is tiny indeed, nevertheless he’s very handy with picking up all that garbage from the pond!

★  We donated to a fundraiser to help cover the vet bill of Giselle – a sweet bulldog of our good friend who couldn’t afford paying the bill at this time due to problems with finding a job.

★  I had a real adventure helping geese cross the road on a busy San Jose blvd in Jacksonville. I was just on her way to do cleaning and feeding for kitties rescued by Ana’s Angels Animal Rescue and was waiting for her bus, when I saw about 20 geese trying to cross the road. I tried to shoo them away but soon realized that once I’ll take my bus they would still want to cross that road so I decided to act. Once the geese stepped on the road I went ahead on the road waving my hands to let the cars know they need to stop. Luckily, *almost* all drivers were very patient and respectful and waited for all birds to finish their *very slow* walk across San Jose. Success! Geese are safe, and I can go to the kitties! QUESTION: Why can’t geese just fly over the road???


★  We donated 4 cat toys for April’s Auction dedicated to raise funds for relocating kitties to a cat sanctuary.

★  We donated 3 cat toys to lovely kitties rescued by Ana’s Angels Animal Rescue. All of them are waiting for their forever homes, so we would like to remind everybody to think adoption first! Wherever you live, please support your local animal shelters and rescues!

Flower with one of our toys °‿°

★  Rocky Sebastian, me and Solstice went to a local park to feed the colony of kitties. Some of the whiskers already recognize us °‿° Please remember that some animals depend on us for survival. Not always, as they have their own instincts to survive, but they are always happy for extra food. Please remember to always carry with you some cat/dog/bird food and nuts for squirrels.

Om nom nom ^_^

★  We donated 3 more bags of empty cans from cat food to a craft project called Campaigner Containers. They make beautiful things out of empty cans and donate part of the profits to animal rescues in Jacksonville.


★  We spayed 2 more kitties (as part of TNR project) in Mariupol, Ukraine, and bought food for homeless animals. Since there’s still no official shelter in Mariupol, the only way to help animals is fostering, doing tnr, feeding and building winter shelters for cold months.

★ We sent a donation gift to our very special For Animals Inc. cat shelter located in Queens.

★  We donated our ‘I rescue dogs’ bracelet to Woof and Wiggle Fest/ Fundraiser organized by the Lucky Tales Rescue (Walton, KY). If you live in Walton and think about adopting a dog, please check their available doggies!

October, November, December

★  I took a trip to Ukraine where we now have 9 cats and 1 dog in our ‘mini shelter’ °‿°  One of the kitties, Pushinka, was rescued from the street one day before her cardboard home were destroyed by ugly owners of a nearby store. During my stay in Ukraine, we bought about 50 kg of cat food (including dry food and pouches of wet food) and about 80 kg of cat litter. We also got meds for the kitties and spayed 1 dog and 2 cats. We had a nasty feline virus and ringworm infestation, but gladly now everything is back to normal. Before I left, we got supplies (food and cat litter) for a few months ahead.

Some of the food and cat litter we bought in Ukraine

Rescued Pushinka Chilling on a bed, all safe and with a full tummy °‿°

★  We bought 3 bags of dry cat food; 2 jars of non-salted peanuts and 1 big bag of bird seed for animals in Mandarin Park (Jacksonville, FL). We were celebrating New Year with them °‿°

Beautiful animals of Mandarin Park!


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